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Re: [Sc-devel] Helper classes

On 24 Dec 2007, at 22:08, nescivi wrote:
For Extension classes the path should be with the extension classes, not in the normal help folder. 
Reopening should happen with openHelpFile or openHTML (can't remember what we called it), so that it opens in the HTML display. Otherwise it would open in Emacs
 as html marked up text, which is not nice to read.

Ok, so you mean

Help.makeHelp(MyClass, path)

// implements

if ( path.isNil, { path = MyClass.filenameSymbol.asString.dirName } ) // dirName is multiplatform? (windows?)
// create the file MyClass.html in path with File  
// and then call MyClass.openHelpFile




Document is cross platform to some degree, but not totally.


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