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Re: [Sc-devel] [Bug?] TempoClock queueSize problem?

The queue array has to store times as well as items, so for every single entity you schedule, two slots are used.

Sometimes I use this nifty little addition for debugging, if I'm not sure what's actually on the clock. Note that you have to clump the array by 2 in order to make sense of it.

+ TempoClock {
// for debugging purposes
// this will generate A LOT of information!
dumpQueue {
queue.clump(2).do({ |pair|
("\n" ++ pair[0]).postln;

+ Function {
dumpFromQueue {
("Arguments: " ++ this.def.argNames).postln;
("Variables: " ++ this.def.varNames).postln;

+ Object {
dumpFromQueue {


On Dec 24, 2007, at 4:15 PM, Tom Hall wrote:

Hello List

TempoClock's default queueSize is 256.
*new { arg tempo, beats, seconds, queueSize=256;
^super.new.init(tempo, beats, seconds, queueSize)

But the error msg "scheduler queue is full." occurs when the queueSize exceeds 128.

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