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Re: [Sc-devel] Helper classes


On Dec 24, 2007 7:07 PM, Andrea Valle <valle@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Another option would be like before

Help.makeHelp(undocumentedObject, path)

but where default path is inside Help folder. The risk of overwriting something is really only limited to Help.html.

On Linux, as soon as you have installed help files to /usr/local/share,
you cannot write to it as a normal user. For Extension classes the path should be with the extension classes, not in the normal help folder.

Or maybe a myHelpFiles folder could be added somewhere ( e.g. in the Help folder, it would work like the recordings folder).
(Or maybe it's nil and if you don't provide path SC raises an error)

So  with
Help.makeHelp(undocumentedObject, path)

you create a file. Is Document multiplatform? In that case the makeHelp method includes Document.open(path), otherwise
it's easy to reopen the generated file e.g. in macosx with cmd+D (assuming that path is in an accessible folder).

Reopening should happen with openHelpFile or openHTML (can't remember what we called it), so that it opens in the HTML display. Otherwise it would open in Emacs
 as html marked up text, which is not nice to read.

Document is cross platform to some degree, but not totally.