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Re: [Sc-devel] update method for Functions

OK then, well perhaps the update method of Object should then also be changed accordingly.


On Dec 23, 2007 10:31 PM, James Harkins <jamshark70@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
On Dec 23, 2007, at 3:11 PM, Iannis Zannos wrote:

Hello sciss,
I was aware of arg ... args option and I was debating with myself about it. The reason for the other form is that it copies the generic method of Object:update. But actually I agree with you. Lets be bold and go for the general form.

The real interface for update is defined in Object:changed, where update is actually used.

changed { arg what ... moreArgs;
dependantsDictionary.at(this).do({ arg item;
item.update(this, what, *moreArgs);

So it's not "being bold." There's no question about it. Any update method must support multiple extra args. Anything less is wrong.

(I'm 100% in favor of this addition btw.)


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