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Re: [Sc-devel] Helper classes

Hmm, sorry Julian, I don't think I understood.

if I do:
- new file
- write this into:
Test.test("test", \test, this.test) ; // a test
save it to html
- reopen it 
it's all ok

If I do:

save the resulting files as html and reopen them I have the right syntax colorization.
Also, if I save an rtf as html I am also having the right colorization preserved while reopening the file.

But maybe I am missing something.

In any case the Helper classes were using strange colors (inherited the ClassHelpTemplate), now the use the right ones, at least while generating the html (don't know about what's going on after).



On 22 Dec 2007, at 22:26, Julian Rohrhuber wrote:

Hi Scott, all,

I think I solved the problem with "pale" colors. It depended on a wrong color scheme inherited from ClassHelpTemplate (which is pale too, indeed).
More, also UGenHelpTemplate has a wrong syntax colorization, if compared to the syntax colorization provided by sclang command.
(this is indeed a dangerous aspect in a help template :) )

are you sure?
I have tried to syntax colorise a fresh rtf, save it as html. Then reopening it will change the colors. What would be the solution to this?


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