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Re: [OT reply] Re: [Sc-devel] what needs to be done before 3.2?


> This is funny. I had a similar thing happen at ICMC. After my piece, I had a
> number of people over the next couple of days ask if they could see my Max
> patch. I would tell them I used SC, and would be more then happy to send
> them my code, as well as the stand-alone if they wanted to take a look.
> Every time, it was met with an 'oh'... a shrug, and a no. They like how it
> sounds, but not how it is made.

I don't think this is because they don't *like* how it is made, the
problem is that they don't want or can start learning another
programming language, they have not yet realized the potential limits
in it.

All the best

Alessandro Fogar