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Re: [Sc-devel] what needs to be done before 3.2?

I think documenting them in the UGen helpfile would help. I do like Nick's approach to it (though, like Scott said, I imagine [sk] could become just [k].

This is one thing that I actually liked when I was learning CSound. The fact that the vars in the docs implied quite a bit about rate:
kenv, asig

made some things to me clearer. And, like you Dan, this is just me and my experience. But it may be even more confusing for a user that inputs a SinOsc.ar into a SinOsc freq argument (which works) but the same thing inside a Pan2 argument for pos may not work as expected.


On Dec 20, 2007, at 2:23 PM, Dan Stowell wrote:

Personally I'm dubious. I find those little rate keywords baffling,
even as an experienced user, and I'd much prefer the rates to be
expressed in a way that a beginner could understand, because otherwise
they become intimidating jargon that makes helpfiles less friendly.

I can't think of a systematic yet understandable way to do this, so
I'm left with the fallback of explaining it in plain english (e.g.
"must be audio-rate" or "may be scalar or control-rate"). This might
be a minority opinion though.

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