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Re: [Sc-devel] what needs to be done before 3.2?

(First: thanks to all you devs, because I've just come back from Palermo where I tested live my system: it was a big big fun, and max/msp people at the 2-days course were impressed by sc...)
1.  I've used the helper classes for GeoGraphy and seems to work really fine, hugely increasing the documentation task's speed, apart form a strange question of pale colors, which has been already noted by Thor....
I'll surely take a look into this (ans ask you, Scott, if I still can't understand what's going on), and into the classes more in general. Here I'm speaking of those classes working in this way:


2. For what is concerning autogenerating docs from comments in sources (the other idea we discussed), the class I posted was just a test to show a possible mechanism. It actually does not work into the real world.
More, first a strong agreement on how to mark up sources would be needed. This would not be bad in a more general sense as there's a wide variety of way of commenting sources, as far as I can tell.
But maybe this is simply not a problem at all.

1. I'll revise the helper classes. 
2. I would suspend the autodocumentation from source mechanism because it needs a more consistent approach

What's the deadline for 3.2?


PS: should not be useful to have e.g. a wiki page (could be Jan's, I guess) where to keep track of thing to be, requests, etc?

On 20 Dec 2007, at 22:41, Scott Wilson wrote:

On 20 Dec 2007, at 21:11, thor wrote:

On 20 Dec 2007, at 21:01, Scott Wilson wrote:

Below is a list of all undocumented classes, including crucial and JIT. Many of these of course should not be documented, but it's a place to start looking.

Considering existing things, the GUI help files could use some cleaning up, standardising, updating, and completing if anyone wants a project.

I suspect my holidays will be quite busy, but in case I have time, is it okay to 
use Andrea's Helpfile creator for that? Is the HTML working on all systems etc?

The HTML is a crib off the existing Cocoa generated stuff, so it's no worse than hand edited.

And is there a latest ("official") release of that class?

Yes, this should be added! (Sorry Andrea, been meaning to write you with strong words of praise!)

I'm not so sure about the cribbing comments from the source version, as I figure if you write it there it's just as easy to write it in the help file, and just doing the latter avoids a double maintenance problem, but I'd say definitely add some version of the autoHelp as it can really save a lot of time. We can amend the style guide to make note of it.


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