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Re: [sc-users] Re: [Sc-devel] Small (minimal) Qt based SC editor..


sounds interesting :-)
ATM does not compile on OSX, but we're working on it...
How about adding Document support to it by implementing scclass Document? Perhaps anyone has time to do this, and knows about what to do... All info I found for now is located in the Document source file.

Hope, this thing (qcollider) will be the first real crossplatform working environment for sc3. like that idea a lot. We even could have the same shortcuts for all platforms, hooray!


On 17.12.2007, at 15:04, Florian Schmidt wrote:

On Monday 17 December 2007, Florian Schmidt wrote:
On Monday 17 December 2007, altern wrote:
hi florian

thanks for doing this, sounds interesting.

It uses SCons for the build system so a reasonably recent scons
installation is required to build it (one that supports the qt4

This is a preliminary
alpha/beta/gamma/epsilon/down-charm-quark-release. So expect your
spouse to run amok after running this software and our computer will
try to kill you with electric shocks (at least that's what happened
here. your experience might differ).

i am trying to compile it on my laptop with Ubuntu Feisty Studio. Scons
says i have not Qt-Core > 4.3.0 . I have installed libqt4-core,
libqt4-dev, libqt4-gui but i get the same error. Anything else i might
need?  This is the version of scons i am running, maybe too old?

Yeah, i think it's too olde. I use scons 0.97 here.. Since it seems scons
isn't part of most Mac os X installations either i will write a small

Will take max 30 min.


now contains a makefile [and one or two other trivial fixes].. try to see if
that works better for you..


P.S.: No more updates from me until tonight. I got work to do ;) Playtime is
in the evening :D

Palimm Palimm!
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