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Re: [Sc-devel] Small (minimal) Qt based SC editor..

On Monday 17 December 2007, altern wrote:
> hi florian
> thanks for doing this, sounds interesting.
> > It uses SCons for the build system so a reasonably recent scons
> > installation is required to build it (one that supports the qt4 toolkit).
> >
> > This is a preliminary alpha/beta/gamma/epsilon/down-charm-quark-release.
> > So expect your spouse to run amok after running this software and our
> > computer will try to kill you with electric shocks (at least that's what
> > happened here. your experience might differ).
> i am trying to compile it on my laptop with Ubuntu Feisty Studio. Scons
> says i have not Qt-Core > 4.3.0 . I have installed libqt4-core,
> libqt4-dev, libqt4-gui but i get the same error. Anything else i might
> need?  This is the version of scons i am running, maybe too old?
> 0.96.93

Yeah, i think it's too olde. I use scons 0.97 here.. Since it seems scons 
isn't part of most Mac os X installations either i will write a small 

Will take max 30 min.


Palimm Palimm!