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[Sc-devel] Small (minimal) Qt based SC editor..


i just wanted to let you know that i was bored.. That ain't such exciting news 
per se, but i then immediately found a cure against this boredom which was 
hacking. Since i am frequently annoyed by both emacs and vim (though i like 
them both..... ...whenever nothing else is available) and i didn't know about 
the SC gedit plugin, i started to hack a small SC frontend using Qt and thus 
reaching maximum portability ;)

Here's a screenshot just to water your mouth:



- Multiple file editing (shown as tabs)
- Syntax-highlighting (very limited ATM, still trying to figure out how to 
best implement that with the least amount of work)
- Help files get displayed as files, too, so you can edit them (some of the 
markup even survives in Qt's rich text format) and evaluate in them..
- Type ahead search (with case sensitive/wrap around/reverse search)
- Standard copy and paste text interaction (for free from the QTextedit widget 
i use)

Non-Features (as in not implemented yet)
- Class browsing (planned)
- method  definition browsing (planned)
- Opening helpfiles for keywords/class names (planned)
- SWingOSC support (planned)
- Search and Replace and RegExp (planned)

For the first three of these i need to know a platform independent way of 
getting to this information. I was thinking about whether it was possible to 
simply evaluate a statement which would trigger SCLang output which i could 
in turn parse..

The help functionality is right now limited to showing the Help.html file from 
the SuperCollider installation (/usr/share/SuperCollider/Help/Help.html 
though this is configurable). But at least mouse navigation works from there 
on (so you can reach every help page that is somehow reachable from the main 
help page), plus some basic back/forward browser like navigation is 

It uses SCons for the build system so a reasonably recent scons installation 
is required to build it (one that supports the qt4 toolkit).

This is a preliminary alpha/beta/gamma/epsilon/down-charm-quark-release. So 
expect your spouse to run amok after running this software and our computer 
will try to kill you with electric shocks (at least that's what happened 
here. your experience might differ).

So without further ado:



Palimm Palimm!