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Re: [Sc-devel] [linux] configurable user directory?

Is this where the plugins and synthdefs folders is supposed to go?
and the default place to look for Server.program?

If so, whats wrong with the previous solution, where all this was part
of a -d switch at startup (and customizable as a simple variable
'sclang-runtime-directory' in emacs)?

Good apps leave as much as possible of these settings customizable at
runtime, or at least wait till the apps gets started.


>>>>> "n" == nescivi  <nescivi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    n> Hiho, There have been some complaints that the user directory
    n> on Linux: ~/share/SuperCollider
    n> is not standard, and that some people would like to make it
    n> configurable.

    n> It would be possible to make it configurable with an argument
    n> upon building with scons, such as:

    n> scons USERDIR=.SuperCollider/

    n> Then the user app support dir would be:

    n> ~/.SuperCollider/

    n> would this be an acceptable solution?  The default would still
    n> be the old version.

    n> Any votes against making this configurable?

    n> The only problem I could see is that it might be harder to
    n> track down problems when users post them on the list.

    n> Otherwise, I will go ahead and add this feature.

    n> sincerely, Marije
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