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Re: [Sc-devel] Re: Quarks and svn

I agree.  including a bundle of quarks (that are up to date and work with the binary that you just downloaded) is a fine idea.

expecting those quarks to update is not a good idea.  the binary doesn't update, so let's not expect to update the quark either.

and nevertheless svn is not hard at all to get and install, even if it wasn't pre-installed.


On Dec 13, 2007 6:06 PM, Till Bovermann <tboverma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> They still can't update their quarks unless they have svn though. I
> think that should work out of the box.

OSX 10.5 has svn pre-installed. I think its in the distro, even
without having dev-tools installed.
And, IMHO it is not that a problem to rely on an additional packege
for download. There is e.g. the mantissan site where you can just grab
a svn .dmg with an installer.