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Re: [Sc-devel] Re: Quarks and svn

On 12 Dec 2007, at 21:47, Dan Stowell wrote:

Hi all,

I have to say I'm concerned about this direction for quarks. Its
timescale seems to be largely motivated by the SC book, yet it's a
very large change, essentially re-designing the quarks distribution
system from scratch, so IMHO it's certainly not going to be stable by
the time the book comes out. There are many important problems that
haven't even begun to be resolved.

Either someone has to unilaterally make a first stab at a new approach
so that the book can allude to roughly how it works, or we need to
keep quarks largely as it is for SC 3.2 so the book can have a clue
what it's on about (leaving the quarks redesign for 3.3).

((By the way I don't see why the bundled-with-the-download quarks
folder shouldn't be a svn working copy (i.e. with the ".svn" folders
etc). This could be the best of both worlds: the user gets quarks
bundled with their download; plus if they happen to be svn-savvy they
can directly update that copy. That could make quarks a bit more
useable without being a radical break?))

They still can't update their quarks unless they have svn though. I think that should work out of the box.