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Re: [Sc-devel] RFC: Pbind redesign?

Hi Ron,

thinking a bit while implementing a simplification to cleanup (attached) I wondered whether it is such a good idea to move all the responsibility for cleaning up to an inner state of a consumer stream. This seems like calling for trouble later, as most people would not bother to implement it if they have a stream they want to end somehow. Also we don't want to create responsibility in places that don't relate directly to the cleanup.

we seem to have the trade off:

# Problem 1: calling more values from upstream than actually played

# Problem 2: having to check every single event for whether it contains things to be done. Difficult implementation.

What about this: any stream that needs to be released adds some hook to itself (or a cleanup event) to every _downstream_ event. Then all we have to call is some finish function in this event, and remove the hook. I think this would solve both problems.

// may not be needed:

EventCleanup {
	var functions;

	*new {
		^super.newCopyArgs(IdentitySet.new) // btw far more efficient!

	add { arg event;
		event[\addToCleanup].do { | f | functions.add(f) };
		event[\removeFromCleanup].do { | f | functions.remove(f) };

	cleanup { arg inevent, outevent;
		functions.do { | f | f.value(inevent) };
outevent[\removeFromCleanup] = functions.union(outevent[\removeFromCleanup]);