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Re: Quarks and svn, was:[Sc-devel] adding UGens / classes

On Dec 12, 2007 11:02 AM, felix <felix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> the thing to watch out for is when someone has both a distro copy and an svn
> copy.  so Quark should treat the distro quark folder differently than the
> svn checked out quarks folder.
> know'm'sayin ?

Yeah, I thought of this later last night. Seems to me that the svn
copy would be newer and should override whatever exists in a binary

Then again, the user might want to switch, or force the "older" one to
be used if the newer one is not compatible with the stable release.

> > I guess the symlinks created by installing quarks could point to a
> location inside the build folder structure, while the symlinks themselves
> would exist in the extensions directory.
> right, that would work.
> as long as it can also support having quarks in two local locations.
> /build
> and
> /{extensions}/quarks

I changed my mind after sending the email... say you have a binary
download ~/SC3.5 with uninstalled quarks. You install quarks and it
creates symlinks in {userExtensionDir}/quarks pointing to the quarks
location in the binary download.

Then SC3.6 comes out and you download it into ~/SC3.6. The new install
will read the symlinks from the same {userExtensionDir}/quarks
location, but those links point to the SC3.5 files. So your new
install acts like it doesn't have any quark updates.

One possible solution is a text file in {userAppSupportDir} listing
the installed quarks, which would be updated by installing or
de-installing quarks. The startup sequence could verify that the
expected quarks really are installed, and if not, automatically add
them. Quarks that exist in the build directory would put symlinks into
./SCClassLibrary/DefaultLibrary/quarks so that they would not be
shared with other installations.

If you do want to share quark files between installations, we can
assume that if you're sophisticated enough to do that, you're
sophisticated enough to use svn :)

Something like that. It's complicated. Otherwise we have to force the
user to reinstall quarks on every download.


James Harkins /// dewdrop world

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