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[Sc-devel] Looking for contributions to "Dialects, Constraints, Systems within Systems"

For our chapter "Dialects, Constraints, Systems within Systems" in the SC Book we would like to invite you to send us contributions that could either be part of the book dvd, or that could be mentioned or discussed in this chapter.

What interests us are specialised systems that either implement a subset of features, a language within sc, little languages, emulators, composition systems, but also smaller examples of creative constraints, solutions to no problems etc. It could be systems of general value, but also entirely idiosyncratic worlds of code. There is no emphasis on the utility or general validity, and the system need not be classes (If you have code that doesn't work any more, just mention it: it is still interesting, but you'll have to describe it a little more).

If you have a system that you like, please send it over and indicate whether you are happy for it to appear in the dvd. Of course we can't guarantee that we will publish or explicitly discuss every contribution. Please don't forget to add some comments and examples of how to use the code.

no fixed deadline, but as soon as possible - we are finishing the chapter within the next two weeks.

please send contributions to: