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[Sc-devel] SCUserView, SCCompositeView, SCView changes

i committed a number of changes to SCUserView, SCCompositeView and SCView.

1. All views are now drawn in reversed order to the previous model, which means that the last added view is on the top layer.

2. SCUserView has now the relative mouse-coordinates stored in SCUserView:mousePosition.

3. SCUserView: var <>mouseBeginTrackFunc, <>mouseTrackFunc, <>mouseEndTrackFunc, <> keyDownFunc;
are deprecated and should be replaced by:
	mouseDownAction, mouseMoveAction, mouseUpAction and keyDownAction

4. SCCompositeView places its children now relative to its own coordinates. You can turn off that behavior by setting:
	SCCompositeView:relativeOrigin to false.

5. SCTextView focus is fixed.

6. for 3.2 we will probably change SCUserView:relativeOrigin to true by default.