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Re: [Sc-devel] PsyCollider 3.1 - TCP & FFT

Hi John,

yes, we have to work on shutting it down properly when the Window is closed. Should be a straight forward thing in the script.

thanks for testing


On 10 Dec 2007, at 15:23, John Glover wrote:


Just installed. Starts up fine, playback of a few simple files was fine also.

If I just close the main window without going to lang > stop server
first my computer blue screens and restarts. I'm sure that it's
related to poor drivers for my us-122 soundcard, but it should
probably stop both scsynth and swingosc before shutting down if you
just click close.

This even seems to happen occasionally even if i stop scsynth before
closing. Console window hangs, and if I close it the machine blue
screens. This is not just with 3.1 though, it happens with the older
version too.

The first time I went to shut down I got a java error in the console
window (I didn't catch it, window shut before I could read it).
SwingOSC seemed to keep running, had to kill java in the task manager.

Do you have to explicitly send a .quit to server and swingosc before closing?


On 10/12/2007, Christopher Frauenberger <frauenberger@xxxxxx> wrote:

another step forward, the current version comes with FFT working and
TCP support (SwingOSC is now also running over TCP). The build is
based on today's checkout.

I have troubles tracing down the problem with the timestamps
in .sendBundle, so if anyone has a suspicion where this is happening
and how to fix it, please let me know.

Please test:

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