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Re: [Sc-devel] (no subject)

Hi all -

Josh made a small error. (Don't feel bad Josh, Nick made exactly the
same error about a week ago!)

If you open the Xcode project and double-click on the "ReverbUGens"
project, then find the "Product Name" build setting, you'll find that
in Deployment mode the product name is correct, but in Development
mode the product name is "DelayUGens", meaning that if you compile in
dev't mode the reverbugens plugin will overwrite the delayugens.

Since this has happened twice now, it's obviously a little gotcha to
be aware of! Not sure how best to avoid it in future, it's essentially
a little usability problem in xcode


2007/12/7, ronald kuivila <rkuivila@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
>   I updated, recompiled and now the server doesn't have CombC,N,L
> installed....
> Any ideas?
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