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Re: [Sc-devel] image in views

yes you can use (J)SCMovieView for this. JSCMovieView is still buggy and not very elegant compared to it's OSX native QuickTime driven counterpart though...

yes, there's a trick right now in SwingOSC:

			w = JSCWindow( "my name is... panel", Rect( 128, 64, 340, 360 ));
			32.do({ arg i;
b = JSCButton( w, Rect( rrand( 20, 300 ), rrand( 20, 300 ), 75, 24 ));
				b.states = [[ "Start " ++ i, Color.black, Color.rand ],
				            [ "Stop "  ++ i, Color.white, Color.red ]];

i = JavaObject( "javax.swing.ImageIcon", w.server, "/Library/Desktop Pictures/Tiles Blue.jpg" );
JavaObject.basicNew( w.id, w.server ).setIcon( i );
w.onClose = { i.destroy };

... but no controls (re-sizing, cropping).

eventually there should be something like GUI.image.newFromFile and GUI.pen.image( img, x, y ) or GUI.pen.imageCropped( img, srcX, srcY, srcW, srcH, x, y ) ....

don't know if i find time for this yet-another-feature-request though .....

ciao, -sciss-

Am 06.12.2007 um 17:00 schrieb Andrea Valle:

I remember of speaking this summer with Sciss (as I always use SwingOSC) about loading an image (as a background) in a window. He kindly sent me a trick to obtain a similar result, I think using SCMoviesomething,

By chance, is anyone thinking about adding this (cool) feature in next version(s)?
It seemed to be planned, as far as I rememeber.



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