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Re: [Sc-devel] [commit?] StereoConvolution2L

you can turn off windowing with the new FFT implementation. Use windowType -1 (then make sure IFFT knows this).


On Dec 5, 2007, at 11:58 AM, nescivi wrote:

On Wednesday 05 December 2007 20:55:09 Scott Wilson wrote:
On 5 Dec 2007, at 19:49, nescivi wrote:

On Wednesday 05 December 2007 20:08:32 Scott Wilson wrote:
I suppose this is technically already possible without the extra FFT using PV_Copy? But it certainly makes sense as a package for binaural

No, Convolution is not using the FFT UGen as input.
it calculates its own internally.
I changed them to be identified as normal UGens, instead of
since they aren't.

Ah sorry, I'd forgotten that! Is there a reason why actually?

you do not need the windowing which is used in the FFT UGen...

On the long term I'd also like to make a much more effiicient version, based on the BruteFIR algorithm. That however requires reordering of the FFT data,
so it would not be usable for other FFT manipulations.
It would allow you to do a LOT more Convolutions though...

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