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Re: [Sc-devel] SuperCollider 3.2 dates; 32nd December?

I think it's important to keep the two reasonably in sync.

There definitely needs to be a specific version which the book is compliant with, and there's a need and desire to add new features in advance of the book examples being finalised.

I think it's sensible to keep them aligned so that everything can be reasonably tested in good time.

If you're finding yourself unduly stretched, then I'd recommend limiting your dev time to only book related features (which surely would need to be in place by text deadline anyway) and save other stuff for a later release.



On 5 Dec 2007, at 18:47, James Harkins wrote:

I wonder why we are pushing for 3.2 so soon, especially at a time of
the year jampacked with distractions for most of us. If this is the
release to support the book's publication, and the book isn't due out
for nearly another year, does it have to be January for 3.2?

For people who are chapter authors and developers, that makes two
deadlines at the end of December, which could easily lead to rushed
work, last-minute changes and some breakage.

If there's a good reason for keeping the dates so close together, I
won't object too strenuously, but from where I sit, I don't see the
advantage of this schedule.


On Dec 1, 2007 6:24 PM, Click Nilson <clicksonnil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
i.e. January 1st as deadline for any largescale changes? Then first
week in January for debugging and help file writing prior to release?

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