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Re: [Sc-devel] findHelpFile on non-osX


On Wednesday 05 December 2007 18:26:24 Till Bovermann wrote:
> >> If not we (Eckard and me) implemented one [1]. Anyone think that thos
> >> could be of usage? I'm a bit unsure where to put it, though... I
> >> don't know the conventions for platform-dependecy classes good
> >> enough...
> >> BtW, it also works on osx... (not that we should use it there, we
> >> already have a primitive for it :-)
> >
> > There is one for Scel, which uses the el-search routine.
> > But not for non-scel on Linux.
> But... where to put this code snippet? Is it of use for windows?

I guess it could be the default...
and have the other methods override in Platform specific classes.

> > btw, some external classes may still have old style helpfiles lying
> > around,
> > which are of the type .rtf, .help.sc or .help.scd.
> sometimes one has to choose: speed or completeness (and rtf isn't a
> good idea on linux-systems anyhow).
> Since html is the common extension (and format) for helpfiles, I
> think people writing help files for external classes should consider
> porting their old-style helpfiles to html. If they do not have osX
> with abilities for easy help-file conversion, I now offer them to
> constact me off-list, and I will port the files for them (and get a
> coffee at the next sc-symposium... which will be where, btw.?)

Well, for starters there are the sc3-plugins and the quarks...