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Re: [Sc-devel] findHelpFile on non-osX

On 05.12.2007, at 18:08, nescivi wrote:

On Tuesday 04 December 2007 17:08:51 Till Bovermann wrote:
Is there a version of String:findHelpFile for non-osx (i.e. windows,

If not we (Eckard and me) implemented one [1]. Anyone think that thos
could be of usage? I'm a bit unsure where to put it, though... I
don't know the conventions for platform-dependecy classes good enough...
BtW, it also works on osx... (not that we should use it there, we
already have a primitive for it :-)

There is one for Scel, which uses the el-search routine.
But not for non-scel on Linux.

But... where to put this code snippet? Is it of use for windows?

btw, some external classes may still have old style helpfiles lying around,
which are of the type .rtf, .help.sc or .help.scd.

sometimes one has to choose: speed or completeness (and rtf isn't a good idea on linux-systems anyhow). Since html is the common extension (and format) for helpfiles, I think people writing help files for external classes should consider porting their old-style helpfiles to html. If they do not have osX with abilities for easy help-file conversion, I now offer them to constact me off-list, and I will port the files for them (and get a coffee at the next sc-symposium... which will be where, btw.?)