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[Sc-devel] findHelpFile on non-osX

Is there a version of String:findHelpFile for non-osx (i.e. windows, linux)?

If not we (Eckard and me) implemented one [1]. Anyone think that thos could be of usage? I'm a bit unsure where to put it, though... I don't know the conventions for platform-dependecy classes good enough... BtW, it also works on osx... (not that we should use it there, we already have a primitive for it :-)



// 2007, lfsaw.de, eriedenklau   ( We like recursive programming :-)
+ String {
	findHelpFile {
		var result = nil;
[Platform.helpDir, Platform.userExtensionDir, Platform.systemExtensionDir].do{|path|
			result = this.prFindHelpFile(path);

	prFindHelpFile {|startPath|
		var sym, parts, result = nil, paths, res;

		paths = "%%*".format(startPath, Platform.pathSeparator).pathMatch;
		result = paths.detect{|path|
			var basename, extension;
			basename = path.basename.split($.).first;
			extension = path.split($.).last;
PathName(path).isFile && {basename == this && {extension == "html"} }
			paths.do {|path|
	     		res = this.prFindHelpFile(path);