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Re: [Sc-devel] n_free bug

the bug i filed depends neither on OffsetOut nor on g_deepFree, even a basic n_free does it...

thanks for checking this, i find it quite worrying...

Am 04.12.2007 um 03:53 schrieb Josh Parmenter:

I noticed Sciss's n_free bug in the bug tracker, and noticed in the console output that OffsetOut's Dtor was involved. I tried a couple of test cases with Dtor UGens, and they all crashed, but the following example didn't:


SynthDef(\test, {
	Out.ar(0, SinOsc.ar(440, 0, 0.1))
// now either of these:

s.sendBundle( nil,
[ "/g_new", 1007, 0, 0 ],
[ "/s_new", "test", 1011, 1, 1007 ],
[ "/n_run", 1011, 0 ] // REQUIRED TO PRODUCE THE CRASH
s.sendMsg( "/g_deepFree", 1007 ); // Doesn't BOOOM!

Perhaps the bug has to do with the deepFree doing something wrong with Dtors? I don't really know where to look for this... I'll poke around some, but in case this rings a bell for anyone, I thought I would post it!

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