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[Sc-devel] New ugens in SVN - changes to sc3-plugins

Hi all,

I have just committed a number of plugins, some new, and some from the sc3-plugins project. If you update from SVN, you will also need to update your sc3-plugins distribution, or, grab the new snapshot (dated 2007.12.03) at:


The svn checkout for sc3-plugins is also up to date, but the binaries need to be updated (probably tonight). If you update your SC from SVN, I suggest updating your Extensions folder with the UB binary build from the above link.

Added to the main distribution are:


and new UGens:

and a version of Warp1 is now in the distribution that encapsulates the four versions of Warp that were in my library. JoshUGens no longer has Warp1, Warp2, Warp1MC or Warp2MC. If you were using ANY of these UGens... please read on since the new Warp1 will break earlier code!!!!

Warp1 now has the functionality of all four of the previous UGens. The first parameter is now a 'numChannels' parameter that must match the number of channels in the buffer you are warping, similar to PlayBuf. There is also a parameter called envbufnum that allows you to pass in a custom envelope (as was the case for Warp2 and Warp2MC). If the envbufnum parameter is -1, the standard Hanning window will be used. If >=0, this needs to be a buffer containing a windowing table.

If you used to have a Warp1 that looked like this:

Warp1.ar(buffer, pointer, pitch, winsize, overlaps, windowRandomness, interp);

it should now look like this (add numChannels and envbufnum)

Warp1.ar(numChannels, buffer, pointer, pitch, winsize, envbufnum, overlaps, windowRandomness, interp);

If you had a Warp2 that looked like this:

Warp2.ar(buffer, pointer, pitch, winsize, envbufnum, overlaps, windowRandomness, interp)

change the name to Warp1, and you should add numChannels.

If you had a Warp1MC, change to Warp1 and you need to add envbufnum. Warp2MC should need to become Warp1 and no other change is needed (but can now have -1 passed in for the envbuf for the Hanning window).




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