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Re: [Sc-devel] help files - html title

On 3 Dec 2007, at 18:30, Dan Stowell wrote:

2007/12/3, nescivi <nescivi@xxxxxxxxx>:
On Monday 03 December 2007 18:38:50 you wrote:
This is doable, but the title would need to be generated
automatically from the WYSIWYG editor.

Well, since the first word is usually the class name...
And we can easily prepend "SuperCollider Help - " to it...

The title would typically be taken from the filename I guess (this
would then cover non-class helpfiles too).

Is it possible (I guess I'm asking Scott here) for the html title to
be indicated to the cocoa-html-generator as long as (as soon as?) the
doc has a filename?


Well, you'd just edit the generated HTML string afterwards in the write method (already happening for a couple of reasons...). Since you have to have a path to write and generate html, you should have the path name and could write it as a title tag. On read you could harvest that (if it's not dealt with automatically).

Existing files without title strings could default to file name.

None of this would be hard to do. I can look at it, but I think maybe Andrea wanted to?