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Re: [Sc-devel] I can't keep up...


On Friday 30 November 2007 16:44:56 Florian Schmidt wrote:
> > That would make perfect sense if every developer had access to every
> > platform for testing.
> >
> > The SVN version is the DEVELOPMENT version - if you want your builds
> > to be guaranteed unbroken then you have the very marvellous SC v3.1.1
> > to use.
> of course it is a development version. But nevertheless one can try to keep
> the repository as free of breakage as possible by enforcing sensible and
> rational policies for committing.. If one doesn't have a mac machine, as
> e.g. i do, i can always first post a patch to the ML and check whether it
> breaks on anyone else's mac or pc [which for me is the only way to get
> anything into SC at this time anyways, since i don't have write access, but
> never mind this point ;)].
> Patches should be posted and reviewed before being commmitted. Patches
> should only go into the repo after at least one dev using each of the main
> platforms has acknowledged the patch and confirmed non breakage.. Otherwise
> you get situations like this where people have to clean up other people's
> dirty socks.. Which is not a fun job, mind you.. I wouldn't do it unless
> payed and payed well that is..

I don't think it is so big a problem.
Even when doing cross platform fixes, I prefer to use SVN in between, so that 
I don't have to shove data between computers in another way.
And sometimes it does happen that someone in that process checks out a version 
which is broken, while I am fixing it on the other platform.

The point is, that with a majority of developers only having access to the Mac 
platform, and only a few on Windows and Linux; combined with the fact that a 
lot of Linux users are making SVN builds, we need a better warning system for 
the few Linux devs, so that they can keep up.
Which is why I made the cry.

So other devs: if you add files to the code base that need to be compiled, 
please send me a private message, which I will see sooner than digging 
through the list.

I'll post a warning on sc-users that these are changing times.