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Re: [Sc-devel] SuperCollider 3.2 dates; 32nd December?

What are the planned features for 3.2 still not implemented?
Is there's a list anywhere on sourceforge?(Sorry, couldn't find it)



On 3 Dec 2007, at 00:23, Josh Parmenter wrote:

Perhaps a second suggestion to go along with 3.2... maybe that would be a good time to also introduce a new mail system, since it seems that create was offline for some time again in the past 24 hours?



On Dec 2, 2007, at 8:22 AM, Dan Stowell wrote:

Building on our 3.1 experience may I suggest we use the (fairly
common) methodology of "release candidates"? We need to be very sure
that SC 3.2 is nice and stable, and our approach to 3.1 included
various last-minute things and ended up leading to the need for 3.1.1
as a bugfix release. Not a major problem, but a little untidy.

I'm OK with your suggested deadline, Nick - perhaps that can be the
deadline at which SC 3.2rc1 can be released to the general community?
Then after (say) two weeks, if it seems comfortable and stable we
rename it SC 3.2 (without adding any more modifications!). Otherwise
we produce SC 3.2rc2. Seems a lot of o/s software uses this approach
(e.g. everything from mozillaland) so it might be helpful.


2007/12/1, Click Nilson <clicksonnil@xxxxxxxxx>:
i.e. January 1st as deadline for any largescale changes? Then first
week in January for debugging and help file writing prior to release?


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