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[Sc-devel] examples folder

Hi all

Since the mailing lists are now up again, I'll resend this mail....

I've done some work on the examples folder. I added lots of examples:
code that people sent (thanks all!) and stuff that I found online or on my harddrive.

If someone has a code there that is not correctly attributed or doesn't even want to have it in the examples folder, let me know. (I think I did ask everyone
that it concerned, but I might have made some mistakes).

So here's what has happened:

- I removed the contributions folder. In a OSS project everything is contributions. - I deleted or relocated the files that were in the examples folder. Many of them were just duplications of what is to be found in the help files or just old code.

- This folder structure was created:
	- pieces
	- demonstrations
	- research_and_code
	- GUI examples
	- other
	- misuse_and_hacks

This was in consultation with Julian and Fredrik (who suggested the last folder
in case you were wondering : )

This folder structure is of course not written in stone so feel free to comment or
change it.

Initially I had some folders like "language", "synthesis", etc. but I think it's important not to make a folder structure where a file could be put in many of the existing folders
causing unnecessary confusion.

And please either add examples to the folder or send them to me as I am still
working on this.