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Re: [Sc-devel] I can't keep up...

On Friday 30 November 2007, Dan Stowell wrote:

> > Why doesn't simply anyone who commits anything to SVN make sure that it
> > doesn't break any builds himself? If that person isn't sure maybe ask on
> > the ML before commiting..
> >
> > Sounds much simpler than having someone who tries to clean the mess of
> > others up constantly..
> That would make perfect sense if every developer had access to every
> platform for testing.
> The SVN version is the DEVELOPMENT version - if you want your builds
> to be guaranteed unbroken then you have the very marvellous SC v3.1.1
> to use.

Hi Dan,

of course it is a development version. But nevertheless one can try to keep 
the repository as free of breakage as possible by enforcing sensible and 
rational policies for committing.. If one doesn't have a mac machine, as e.g. 
i do, i can always first post a patch to the ML and check whether it breaks 
on anyone else's mac or pc [which for me is the only way to get anything into 
SC at this time anyways, since i don't have write access, but never mind this 
point ;)].

Patches should be posted and reviewed before being commmitted. Patches should 
only go into the repo after at least one dev using each of the main platforms 
has acknowledged the patch and confirmed non breakage.. Otherwise you get 
situations like this where people have to clean up other people's dirty 
socks.. Which is not a fun job, mind you.. I wouldn't do it unless payed and 
payed well that is..

Of course i don't have any notable authority to tell anyone what to do, 
especially not on this list, but i think the argument speaks for itself..


Palimm Palimm!