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Re: [Sc-devel] I can't keep up...

2007/11/30, Florian Schmidt <mista.tapas@xxxxxxx>:
> On Friday 30 November 2007, nescivi wrote:
> > Hiho,
> >
> > I am noticing that with things being added to the source, I cannot always
> > keep up with modifying the SConstruct file for Linux, since I have rather
> > unregular email access at the moment.
> >
> > I also do not always see immediately that there is stuff to add to
> > SConstruct, as it is mentioned somewhere down a thread that I do not read
> > till much later.
> >
> > Since this will be the case till at least January, we need to find a better
> > solution for this. I have the following proposals:
> >
> > 1. someone else keeps up the SConstruct file, as you go.
> > 2. post a warning on sc-users that things may be broken with new svn
> > versions, since you added things to source code that is not checked in yet.
> > 3. you send me an email privately with the filenames to be added to what,
> > which has a better chance of me seeing it soon.
> Why doesn't simply anyone who commits anything to SVN make sure that it
> doesn't break any builds himself? If that person isn't sure maybe ask on the
> ML before commiting..
> Sounds much simpler than having someone who tries to clean the mess of others
> up constantly..

That would make perfect sense if every developer had access to every
platform for testing.

The SVN version is the DEVELOPMENT version - if you want your builds
to be guaranteed unbroken then you have the very marvellous SC v3.1.1
to use.