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[Sc-devel] I can't keep up...


I am noticing that with things being added to the source, I cannot always keep 
up with modifying the SConstruct file for Linux, since I have rather 
unregular email access at the moment.

I also do not always see immediately that there is stuff to add to SConstruct, 
as it is mentioned somewhere down a thread that I do not read till much 

Since this will be the case till at least January, we need to find a better 
solution for this. I have the following proposals:

1. someone else keeps up the SConstruct file, as you go.
2. post a warning on sc-users that things may be broken with new svn versions, 
since you added things to source code that is not checked in yet.
3. you send me an email privately with the filenames to be added to what, 
which has a better chance of me seeing it soon.


the lines for the ML plugins are around lines 746-750. People with some 
programming experience should be able to figure out how to add the 
appropriate source files there ;)