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Re: [Sc-devel] gui builder

right. if i start a new window i get a different error:

ERROR: Message 'width' not understood.
Instance of SCWindow {    (17AAF4C0, gc=AC, fmt=00, flg=00, set=04

also easy to fix :)

would you consider looking into relative size elements? it's very handy for different screen resolutions and of course expansion / contraction of guis.

w = SCWindow("~", Rect(0,0,400,400)).front;
d = SCSlider(w, Rect(w.view.bounds.width*0, w.view.bounds.height*0, w.view.bounds.width*0.1, w.view.bounds.height*0.4));


On Nov 27, 2007 8:17 PM, Jan Trutzschler < sc3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

thanks for spotting this, i think, it only occurs on 'fresh' windows,
which weren't touched by the user. Can you confirm this?