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[Sc-devel] adding UGens / classes

Hi all,

There was some discussion before 3.1 about adding some UGens to the standard dist, and as book chapters are coming together, I wanted to revisit this. I am also hoping to give the Quarks / ugens issue some work this week, and would like to avoid adding things to Quarks that may be added to the dist.

So... how do others feel about adding the Warp UGens to the dist? Something else that may be of interest is the granular UGens I worked on last summer (I noticed there is a microsound topic in the book). Is there enough interest for either of these to check them in? Either way is fine with me, I just want to avoid doing double work on these.

Also, I see Dan is starting to check in a few other ML UGens... what else should we try to either add to the dist (that already exist) or do we think SHOULD be built before 3.2? What is missing?




/* Joshua D. Parmenter


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