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[Sc-devel] SwingOSC v0.57 beta


i have installed an SVN repository for development versions of SwingOSC. You can download using

$ cd <baseDir>
$ svn co https://swingosc.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/swingosc/trunk/ SwingOSC

and make a clean build

$ cd SwingOSC
$ ant clean jar

(you might need to install Ant from http://ant.apache.org )

i'm asking people who develop GUI based Quarks or are creating crossplatform code for the SC book to check back with this development version (v0.57 BETA) if everything is fine, and to report problems. v0.57 is going to be the version on which i will base the SwingOSC chapter in the book and i consider it the version compatible with SuperCollider 3.2

in this development version, fixes include:

JPen : pen size scales and transforms with the affine transforms
JSCUserView : added support for cleanOnRefresh and relativeOrigin (the mouse coordinates are NOT YET reported in relative coordinates!!) JSCWindow : added the scroll argument, but that is still under construction (i'm not sure the JSCScrollTopView support will be in v0.57 because it is a very tricky thing)

... so in particular check out compatibility of JPen / JSCUserView based code.

thanks! ciao, -sciss-