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Re: [Sc-devel] The Examples Folder


I don't want to rehash that massive massive debate we had about GPL
etc, but my belief is that the answer you'd get from the FSF about GPL
compatibility is: there is *no way* to apply a license to the musical
output that some third party user produces by running a GPL program. I
really don't want to trigger another discussion since we already had a
very protracted discussion on it, but that's my advice about what
answer you'll get. To be able to apply a license to the output, SC
would have to change to some non-GPL license, which of course is not
going to happen.

To move on to happier things:
http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/examples has a handful of
examples, I randomly added various things that popped up on the
mailing list, you can copy those into the folder if you like, the ones
which include code that is.


2007/11/21, thor <th.list@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi list
> I was chatting to Nick the other day about 3.2 and the almost empty
> "examples" folder that is part of the binary and source of SC.
> There was a discussion on the user list a few months back about getting
> people to submit examples, but it kind of evaporated. I think the reason
> was that no-one was responsible for taking care of it. I submitted a
> code
> for example and it was by luck that Julian (IIRC) read my email and
> committed it.
> Now, since then I've got a developer ID and now I can commit stuff into
> the SVN. I therefore volunteer to send out a mail to the user list
> and try to
> encourage people to submit some patches and find some interesting code
> (from SC 2 or list archives) to put into the "examples". I might even
> harass
> people to provide some code : )
> This is of course independent of the book but will benefit it and
> increase
> the impact of version 3.2 greatly, I think.
> The headache here is that of licensing. The code will be GPL by default
> and as such we don't need to specify any licensing note with the
> examples.
> However it would be very nice if we could have some license for the
> _output_
> of the code. For that we might even write our own SuperCollider
> license or
> (if we want to be more megalomaniac) a Generative Art license.
> That license could (in the manner of CC) have a few options such as:
> - attribution
> - non-commercial
> - share-alike
> If that sounds reasonable we could write a small license and contact
> the GPL people and see if it they approve of it as compatible with GPL.
> Licensing aside, I think we need to fix the examples folder.
> Any comments?
> thor
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