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[Sc-devel] The Examples Folder

Hi list

I was chatting to Nick the other day about 3.2 and the almost empty
"examples" folder that is part of the binary and source of SC.

There was a discussion on the user list a few months back about getting
people to submit examples, but it kind of evaporated. I think the reason
was that no-one was responsible for taking care of it. I submitted a code
for example and it was by luck that Julian (IIRC) read my email and
committed it.

Now, since then I've got a developer ID and now I can commit stuff into
the SVN. I therefore volunteer to send out a mail to the user list and try to
encourage people to submit some patches and find some interesting code
(from SC 2 or list archives) to put into the "examples". I might even harass
people to provide some code : )

This is of course independent of the book but will benefit it and increase
the impact of version 3.2 greatly, I think.

The headache here is that of licensing. The code will be GPL by default
and as such we don't need to specify any licensing note with the examples.

However it would be very nice if we could have some license for the _output_ of the code. For that we might even write our own SuperCollider license or
(if we want to be more megalomaniac) a Generative Art license.

That license could (in the manner of CC) have a few options such as:
- attribution
- non-commercial
- share-alike

If that sounds reasonable we could write a small license and contact
the GPL people and see if it they approve of it as compatible with GPL.

Licensing aside, I think we need to fix the examples folder.

Any comments?