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Re: [Sc-devel] MathLib quark

Hi -

I went through MathLib a few weeks ago and converted its RTF files to
HTML. (I didn't originate the files, and I didn't fiddle around with
the formatting, just saved them all as HTML.) Maybe you need to svn up
to get the HTML versions? Or maybe you just wrote "RTF" by accident in
yr mail.

I've looked at the class files in a text editor and found four files
(all in the MarkovSet folder) had Mac line endings rather than Unix
line endings. Now fixed this.


2007/11/20, nescivi <nescivi@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hiho,
> I am just browsing though the classes of the MathLib quark,
> and I am noticing some formatting things...
> The class files look really weird in Emacs (line breaks are wrong, ^M signs
> where there should be tabs, and so on...).
> RTF help files also seem to have weird formatting which is not parsed
> correctly.
> How where these files made?
> Would it be possible for one of the MathLib quark devs to go through all of
> them, and resave them in SC on OSX and commit?
> I suspect that afterwards they would look fine again.
> sincerely,
> Marije
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