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Re: [Sc-devel] MachineListening commits

I've just ran into a namespace conflict with the Loudness ugen, as I have a class for converting to sones and dealing with masking in the language. Anyone has suggestions on how I should name a correlate of a ugen in the lang or if there is a way to have them both under the same class?

I'm about to release a new version of Dissonance (with help files and many improvements) and will start learning how to port some of the work on pitch related auditory perception like in machine listening. By glancing at Loudness and some PV code it doesen't seem so difficult (I hope!) once I get the hang of handling fft data. I can imagine it would by useful to have instantaneous roughness, dissonace scales, pitch salience and virtual pitch for example. 

If anyone has done work in this area or has some suggestions, I'll be happy to collaborate. Will be  probably be asking some questions as I bump into problems during the development, so please bare with me. 

All the best, 

On Nov 19, 2007, at 20:23:36, Click Nilson wrote:

Dear all,

I just committed a number of files, in a package as revision 6651, as discussed in recent postings. I've

added a MachineListening target to the Xcode plugins project*

Added source code, class and help files initially for Loudness and BeatTrack UGens (the final names I settled on, ML_ prefix hereby dropped)

Please try and do tell me if I've got anything wrong with the check in!

Dan, I'll now send you the current MFCC implementation I have offlist, which should be easily compiled within this target.

I'm imagining various further additions in the coming month, and perhaps Dan will make use of this target too for some of his work. Um, we'll discuss off list.


* I've not updated SConstruct or added a windows vcproj.

The files involved are:

If someone could try this on other platforms. Both UGens use FFT as the frontend and otherwise include no cross-platform issues as far as I can anticipate.

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