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Re: [Sc-devel] *** Refactoring of "Document" class *** now committed [cross-platform implications]

At 12:43 +0100 11/19/07, Andrea Valle wrote:
Hmm, Alberto, all, what does listener do?



Document.listener returns the window SC posts to, so you can e.g.
put it in a location you like, and rename it.

Document.listener.bounds_(Rect(0, 600, 400, 200)).title_("post")

At 11:56 +0000 11/19/07, Dan Stowell wrote:
Hi Alberto,

Thanks for the suggestion. But the way I've done other such
conversions is to create the Document.implementationClass method, so
we don't need hacky things like assuming there is always one window

//      *listener {
//              ^allDocuments[this.prGetIndexOfListener];
//      }
         *listener {

I don't use Document.listener myself but this change seems simple and
seems to fix it.  Have committed - svn rev 6650 - let me know if
anything remains broken.

Yes, that is cleaner. It was just a quick first pass.
Thanks for taking care of Document !

best, a
Alberto de Campo
Bergstrasse 59/33
A-8020 Graz, Austria
e-mail : decampo@xxxxxx