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[Sc-devel] *** Refactoring of "Document" class *** now committed [cross-platform implications]

Dear all,

I've now refactored the Document class, as discussed at symposium (svn
rev 6646). I've been running this refactored code for a while and I
believe it to work fine on OSX, but shout if there are any problems.

The cocoa-specific code is now moved into a subclass called
CocoaDocument. However, for platform-neutrality you shouldn't
instantiate that class directly - simply carry on using Document.new
or Document.open or whatever, since those calls should automatically
instantiate the correct class. In theory this means the API hasn't
changed and nothing will break, but that's only theory. Let us know if
anything goes weird.

Linux: I've done nothing to rework the linux documenty classes since I
don't understand them. Hopefully Marije will be able to get it all
working nicely on Linux since this change originated from her and I
think I've done what she said... ;)

Windows: Again, I've done nothing since I can't. The easiest thing to
do for windows is probably to take the CocoaDocument class, duplicate
it as "WindowsDocument" or "PsycoDocument" or something, and make
changes as necessary.