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[Sc-devel] sc3-plugins, quarks, etc...

Hi all,

I am about to update /  change a few things in my library, and have a couple of requests for opinions.

Right now, all of my UGens and classes are at sc3-plugins. I was thinking about removing all non-UGen classes from my lib and adding them as Quarks (now that 3.1.1 is out the door). I am wondering if it would make sense to go through all the libraries in sc3-plugins and do the same. I think this would mostly effect blackrain, Lance Putnam and perhaps bhob rainey. How do others feel about this? This would make sc3-plugins truly plug-in only.

I know a few of you were thinking about ways to include plugins with Quarks, and it sounded like this wasn't going to be possible. Is this definitely the case? 

 Thanks for any thoughts.



/* Joshua D. Parmenter


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