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Re: [Sc-devel] Machine Listening plans

Hi Dan,

Well it could be called BeatTrack perhaps?

I have an unreleased beat tracker called BeatTrack. I suppose I don't mind the name switch, but AutoTrack was to indicate the use of autocorrelation.

I'd need a consensus on name space (ML_Loudness) versus just naming UGens (Loudness) . Better to know before I add anything or write any more. Perhaps I'd still need to add an extra plugin target for cleanliness; putting then in FFT2 might clash a bit. These UGens also tend to be large in code terms so usually have a .h and .cpp to themselves for each UGen.

Just built an ML_MFCC by the way (in this case, the underscore helps to avoid too many capitals in a row?). Dan, we can swap code off list if you
have a different implementation ;  )

Yes I do, and it's all ready to go. I suppose we should have a
wrestling match and the winner can add their UGen to core. The loser
just has to add their to the end of a long slashdot thread or
something, for permanent obscurity.

I'm not interested in wrestling, but we could trade specs, code etc. Yours may be more authentic than mine; mine uses ERB bands and EQLC before the cosine basis transform. Runs about 3% CPU on 1.67 Mhz PPC G4. Could call mine EFCC and yours MFCC if you have an authentic Mel scale? ; )

We can take this discussion off list...