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Re: [Sc-devel] Machine Listening plans

For example, I didn't want to just call a new version AutoTrack since there might be historic versions knocking about with the same name. Also, I thought it might clarify things to have ML=Machine Listening. I'm neutral on underscore, but I guess I was following the PV convention. 

I can't follow PV_ for all of them since they won't all use FFT in exactly the standard way; some may have internal FFT use and other variations. But I thought ML would make a common theme and keep their status clear.  

Just built an ML_MFCC by the way (in this case, the underscore helps to avoid too many capitals in a row?). Dan, we can swap code off list if you have a different implementation ;  ) 

PV_JA and PV_HF can stay; I'm not that fussed, but I was just imagining that it was tidier to remove them; there honestly are better detectors, and SC3.2 is a chance for a bit of rationalisation. 

On deprecation, unsure how the mechanisms works here. Ron's suggestion of keeping a historic UGens set is fine, but I doubt it can be a Quark if it involves C code and binaries. 


On 17 Nov 2007, at 12:46, Andrea Valle wrote:

Cool, very very useful. What's the motivation for the ML_ prefix? Is
it to indicate that they hang off an FFT?  I'm not convinced the
prefix is necessary. I know there's the PV_ prefix convention already
in use, but I'm not sure the ML UGens necessarily need a new

(In general, I have to say that I have always found the use of underscore in PV classes inconsistent with general SC naming conventions. But these are really just 2c)



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