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Re: [Sc-devel] [commit?] MIDI about-to-commits?

Seems like there are many people waiting on 3.1.1 ready to commit new exciting stuff.

Marije, since this change might break existing code as you admit, maybe it should wait for a day, but I'm sure it should be wholeheartedly embraced otherwise!

Everyone seems to be holding back on the 3.1.1 decision; Ryan, want to go ahead?

However, I just updated and noticed a large number of source code file changes. Is anyone working under the assumption that 3.1.1 is already out? It wasn't on sourceforge when I looked a few seconds ago!


On 15 Nov 2007, at 21:02, nescivi wrote:


I am about to commit a couple of improvements to the MIDI implementation:

sysex : divided up in a instance method sysex, and a primitive prSysex, as opposed to the previous instance method which called the primitive directly. This drops the uid argument to the method, as this can be looked up in the
instance variable.
This fix is necessary, because uid may be 0 which on Linux means that any
connected MIDI client to that port will get the message.

(dis)connect methods:
a bug fix; previously you could not pass the uid to it, as it assumed that uid's are negative. This may be the case on OSX, but it isn't on Linux. New behaviour checks whether the device argument passed on is larger than the sizes of sources, and if so, it checks whether there is a source with that

made default argument for uid 0.

linux only:
MIDIOut.connect and disconnect methods.

ok to commit?

(most stuff does not break code, only the first does)

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