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[Sc-devel] Psycollider 3.1 Testing


I tried to pull together a new release of Psycollider, based on the most recent code of SC3.1 and am now looking for some people to test it on their machines.

I got everything compiled and it is up and running, but it has some glitches. I haven't managed to get the new FFT implementation running (it compiles fine against fftw3, but wouldnt load the UGen) and I also haven't managed to get the regular expressions into it (should be manageable with pcre). But it comes with the latest SwingOSC and other new stuff...

There aren't any new features implemented as I tried to catch up with the codebase first. As it is a bit of a mess, I was reluctant to upload it to sourceforge, its simplt not good enough yet. But obviously, once the major issues are ironed out this is where it will go. For the meanwhile, please have a go and download