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Re: [sc-dev] on the nature of server crashes and restarts

if you get that working it would be great, but i have tried and failed. i could find no way to get it to work as a plugin without crashing the server or delaying the start so that the server would fail. maybe when SC4 comes along with its plugin primitives, it could work, but for now plugins need to be simple.

i have a private branch of DarwiinRemote that includes OSC support and works quite well. i have been using the wiimote to control SC for about a week now. i hope to have it in the main branch soon, but i need to go hop on a plane from houston to seattle, so it may be this weekend before i can get to it. i will post a note when it is available to the masses.

Andrew Beck wrote:

I've been working on trying to get an easy interface for the Wiimote up and running - I am using the WiinRemoteFramework from Darwiinremote, which uses Objective-C. I've been coding in Objective-C++ so I can include SC_Plugin.h and the framework.

Currently I have all the information about the controller saved in a global objective-c object. To connect I used a DefinePlugInCmd (the plan was to connect with a server command then run UGens from the global object). I've been able to connect just fine to the Wii, except I think that it overloads the server, because it will quit then immediately restart. Commenting out some CPU intensive processes in the framework let me keep the server from quitting, but I wasn't sure if it was because I was reducing the load on it or if I commented out something that made the server crash. I was wondering if the server quitting and immediately restarting is common for CPU overload. Also I was hoping that if I wasn't vague enough someone might help with an alternative approach (hopefully something easier than rewriting the framework in regular C).



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